Today we were thinking about our influence in Caen. In true Issy fashion, it was vague, poorly explained, and involved buttons and string – Alice found the whole thing rather stressful and confusing, but we pulled it together in the end.

The idea was something along the lines of: our lives are made up of significant moments, both the bad and the good. For example, for all three of us, coming to France to work with Bless has been significant in some way. Through these experiences, God works through us to teach, bless, and build us and our futures, and by allowing God into each moment of our lives we are shaped in Him, and are then able to influence the places where we are – e.g. Caen. So we strung buttons onto twine, to represent some of our significant moments from the last few months, and then hung these around the Presqu’ile to represent our, and the church’s, influence on the local area.

Recently, future plans and projects have begun to unfold on the Presqu’ile which we can involve ourselves in and so we thought it would be meaningful if we hung our chains of buttons in nearby areas to represent the creativity we would like to bring to this small part of Caen.