So today was the last day in the creative Tuesdays series by the Bless interns.

Hollie led us in an activity today which naturally resulted in temporary vandalism on the Presqu’ile. In the simple but effective way which is usually adopted for these tasks, we each had a piece of coloured chalk which we used to write words of prayer on to different areas and objects. Whilst strolling around the worn down and sombre area, we used our chalk to add small sparks of colour. We walked down an avenue lined with tall trees which we marked with various words of prayer and hope for the area! Gerard and Karla even joined us.

We wandered deep into the Presqu’ile to find the venue for the Red Rain concert which is happening this Thursday. We prayed that people might feel welcomed into this space, and that it would be the start of something revolutionary for God’s presence in this area.