A fascinating installation from the museum of modern Art in New York. To cite our creed ‘God Sees diamonds’, EVERY name is a sound worth saying…

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Roman Ondak began with just a bare white canvas of walls. He was the first one to measure himself against the wall. The exhibit was then open to others who were also encouraged to add a piece of themselves to the artwork. He entitled it Measuring the Universe and soon the walls were covered in names of people with different heights and stories. An estimated 90,000 people have written their names to help contribute to the piece of growing and living art.

“I think it really does begin to make you think about ideas of space in the universal and the infinite in a really interesting way but it is also very, very personal and this sense of this kind of white void when the exhibition opened being slowly built by all of these points, these names and it is almost like a kind of constellation of stars.” 

(Images via MoMA)