Over the past 6 months, SOS Chai, led by Fiona Poulson, and with the help of over 200 volunteers from 14 different nations, served 600 drinks a day to thousands of refugees. They talked, laughed, cried, worshipped, played games and served. The lives of the refugees were impacted, as well as those of the volunteers. Of the people who came for tea, games, and community, Fiona estimates that 70% were muslim and maybe 30% were orthodox Christians from Eritrea and Ethiopia who left their nations because of persecution. The team served everyone;  and regardless of their religious background, they will always remember the kind Christians in the Jungle who loved them. And Fiona strongly believes many will find faith in the future because of SOS Chai.

They worshiped Jesus in a specific place in the jungle over their time there. On the last day, when the young people gathered for the buses, they stayed in the place where the teams had prayed and worshiped, because God lives in that place now.

The team saw supernatural miracles, like the time some team members got lost and came across  two refugees sitting by the side of the road, one hugging an injured knee and crying. Like many in Calais, they had tried to jump on  a lorry and had failed. The volunteers asked if they could take him to a hospital, but he said no because that would mean he would have to claim asylum in France and he wanted England. So the team members asked if they could pray in the name of Jesus. And they did, and the boy was healed. He was jumping up and down and laughing, but the team members were possibly even more surprised.

But the biggest miracles happened in the hearts of the people to whom they were ministering. God has planted many seeds in their hearts. We will never know how many lives were transformed because of this project. Fiona asked a regular “customer” of the van what he’d like to say to BlessChurch, and this is what he said, “It’s hard to find words to thank them. But tell them they made our suffering easier to endure and made us feel better.”