Tim and Jane have a dream. To start a camp-site and a language school near Tours, France. In two years of time, you will see the birth of the “English Village”. We asked them a few questions to know more about their dream.

Tell us a bit more about your project.
Jane: We first came up with the idea of a camp site when we moved to France in 2005 but we couldn’t find one so we bought a property where we have been doing “chambres d’hotes” instead. Since then we have started a language school, alliance anglaise for adults and the language hotel for children where we do immersion courses. In 2011, we started thinking about how to expand what we do and while we were praying about it, the Lord sent a Spanish couple to our chambre d’hotes who said they saw us running an English village. The idea struck a cord with both of us immediately as it would combine our passion for teaching adults (Tim) and children (me) and we started praying for the right place. After a false start with a campsite in Normandie, we visited a property in Villedomer near Tours, it had the perfect layout but we needed to know from the Mayor whether our project would be feasible. We prayed, went to visit her and she told us that they were wanting to make their village a stop off point on the st Jacques de Compostello pilgrimage cycle route from Holland to Spain and would set up a working party to help us! We took this as a sign from The Lord, bought the property and now we are in the process of turning it into a campsite.
The campsite will open in two years.

How is it going to look like?
Jane: It will be a 4 star campsite and in keeping with our English language theme we will be offering activities for children in English as well as continuing our language schools. We will have a prayer room (the oldest building on the property) that will be available for morning prayers at 8am every day and for anybody who wants to pray at any other time and there will be an on-site Sunday morning service to which everyone will be invited.

We’ll have a make your own pizza restaurant and a coffee shop with a mezzanine floor looking out over the activity hall around the courtyard. Then, there will also be a bar in the Orangerie by the pool together with a couple of rooms which will be used for well being sessions creating an “espace detente” area for mums.

We’ll continue the English theme throughout with English actors/actresses in the coffee shop, English musicians in the restaurant and English sports personalities in the bar, just to keep building on the work of language teaching that The Lord has given us to do in France.

What is your purpose through this project?
Jane: The purpose of this project is to provide everyone who visits our campsite with an opportunity to encounter Jesus and the life-changing power that this can bring. The Lord has already given us so many encouragements through the work that we already do in our language school that this all seems a very natural extension.