Introduce yourself…

Hi! I’m Martha. I’m 22, Welsh, and recently graduated from University of Bath in French and Italian. I love movies, bright colours, French culture and playing piano. I also laugh, a lot (at almost anything).

What are you up to at the moment?

I’m currently on placement with Bless and am living with the Rocke family who are in the process of building an English-immersion campsite in the Loire Valley. As well as helping them by working on the blog, doing practical tasks, and doing a bit of teaching, I’m also getting stuck into life in the local area and trying to find paid-work teaching English (ultimately I’d like to live and work in France).
What is your experience of being a part of the Bless movement and how do you see yourself part of it?

As well as being involved in summer missions since 2013, I spent half of my year abroad with Bless  and was based in Perpignan and Paris as well as Normandy. I love the sense of community and creativity that Bless encompasses and was really inspired by their heart to see God move in France and across Europe. I always knew that I’d come back to be a part of it after university.

What are your expectations for the year ?

I’m hoping to grow in my faith by having my eyes and ears more open to God’s plans for me, to learn to walk with him through the uncertainty and allow him to work through me to reach out to others. I’m also learning to live in the moment and not overthink what may and may not happen in the future.

Describe Bless in 3 words :

Creativity. Laughter. Openness.

How can we pray for you ?

Like in Psalm 37 v 7, to learn to “be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him” – that I would become more attuned to God’s rhythm and know that he is there as much in the waiting as in the doing. Also that I would be able to really put myself out there without holding back and embrace what is also terrifying because it could lead somewhere amazing.