A lot of leeway has been made at Béthanie recently. Work has been hard, honest and productive. God has been blessing our efforts and making us prosperous as spring continues to slowly bloom at Béthanie.

The top barn has now been cleared and we’re starting to get a bit creative to make a really cool place for people to chill out in the duration of the summer missions. We want it to be a place of creativity, in thought and in practical ways. Through conversation and through art of all kinds, we’re setting up an art table so people can paint, do crafts etc. Also a place with chairs and bean bags and benches with a coffee table in the center so people can laugh, joke and bond over coffee and tea, reading and wonderful conversations.

The clearing is done now we just have to explode our creativity, and paint the walls of the barn with out imagination in worship to God. We nailed a board to the wall where was once a door, and put old quilts and blankets that would otherwise be thrown away in order to stop the breeze coming through.

There was an old clothes line post out the back of the farm house that unfortunately looked a bit like a torture device. Ideas were thrown around about making it into something beautiful but after I tried to break a board against it for a fire we noticed it started to budge quite significantly. So we pulled it down! There is no longer an ugly concrete post obscuring the view out there.

 Questions were asked about how to move this concrete monstrosity and we decided to break it into smaller pieces to make it easier to move. But what treasure lay within? All sorts of scrap metal, ornate treasure! One looking a bit like a moustache. 

As the lord has blessed our productivity around Béthanie may he also bless your work, may it be worship to God, as we continue to try and make ours the same.