Here’s what happened the last days in Calais!

This last week went so fast, Naomi, Issy and I are already back in Caen. But we brought back with us so many good memories, new friendships and an amazing experience.

Every day, we parked Mister Tea at the entry of the camp, next to the Banksy graff. From 11h30(ish) to 4 p.m, we served milk tea (with about 15 spoons of sugar), coffee, biscuits, met people, had conversations, shared life with the refugees. Some of them shared their stories with us, talked about their culture and their home country with passion, some just wanted to talk about the weather, some tought us their language, some didn’t talk at all but just wanted to hang out with us. We loved the restaurant “the 3 idiots” so much that we went back on thurday to have a real Pakistani dinner! If you have the opportunity to volunteer in Calais, you MUST go there.

We were amazed of all the dreams the refugees have for their life, these guys know how to dream big! They want to become actors, lawyers, movie directors… It’s amazing and such an encouragment to see how much hope is in that place, to see that they won’t give up, they won’t abandon, they’ve set a goal for their life and they’re going to do everything in their power to reach it.

We came to Calais to give, but we received way more.

If you want to volunteer and experience a week in the jungle, don’t hesitate to contact Gerard and Chrissie at info@blessnet.eu.