It’s been about 4 months since I joined the SOS Chai team. At the time, they had just lost their beloved, red truck, Mr. T. While our team has been strong throughout this major setback, it has been our dear desire to get a permanent truck that would facilitate our SOS Chai mission. As we have been waiting for God to provide, He has given us opportunities to grow as a group and form meaningful relationships with the migrants.


New Food Truck—This month, though A generous donor has offered matched funding for the first $2,500 raised in the USA for a new food truck vehicle. This means that every $1.00 you give will add $2.00 to our appeal, moving us even faster towards the Food-Freedom-and-Forgiveness-Truck we so urgently need.

Ideally, we would like to find a food truck (2005 or later) with less than 100,000 miles, which we will custom-fit for the service of meals and drinks. We estimate the cost of purchase and fitting at €6000 to €8000. Having a food truck vehicle allows us to…

  1. Be mobile in our efforts. If you’re unfamiliar with refugees that have come to Normandy, this essential as these boys are forced to move around a lot.
  2. Have a distinct presence to raise awareness among the local French people.
  3. Restore dignity to these boys that feel so “other” in this foreign land. We are so encouraged by the hope that we see on their faces when their bellies are full and their bodies are warmed up, and we are looking forward to seeing how God will develop S.O.S. Chai.

New Faces—We’ve had a growing number of local French volunteers which is hugely encouraging!  Anne and Hélèn, two women from Livarot, first started coming to Bethanie for conversation classes. When they learned about SOS Chai, they were eager to cook for the refugees. Now they share the meal prep responsibilities with Chrissie…We are so thankful for their help!

New (and exciting) Things–since mid January, I have the sense that things are taking form. This season of meeting and getting to know the boys has been sweet. Especially in the past month, as we talk with the boys over cups of coffee and competitive games of Uno, there is a spirit of warmth and friendship among us.

At Bless, we are going through a series on God’s purpose called Seven Stories.  This last week’s study on Creation has renewed my perspective on why we do what we do. I was reminded that God wants us to see others as His creation. The crucial question is “What is the fruit that God wants this person to bear in her/his life?”

We are not working to get some weekly “good-deeds high.” On the contrary, there is so much more than “highs” to be cultivated. We are evoking the vision that God has for each of these boys. When we get to give these boys a warm meal, have meaningful conversation, or just offer the warmth of presence, we are affirming that they are human and have inherit dignity. As we do that, we hope that they will see themselves as our Creator sees them—Beautiful Diamonds.