This is the blessing we used this weekend at Village 7 Churhc in Colorado Springs. I originally wrote it for my grand daughter Seren. Sreen is Welsh for ‘star’, and since our Seren will be three in just a few weeks, this seems a good time to post the blessing again…

Seren’s Blessing: May You Thrive

May every breath you breath be breathed as blessing.
Each path you walk become the path of peace.
In the places you are drawn to. In the spaces you inhabit.
In the landscape you bring life to.
May you thrive.

May you undertake the tasks your mind is wired for.
May you grow in every gift you have been given.
May you learn to love the life your talents take you into:
and join the joy of those who’ve found their rhythm.

May your dreams take flight without the fear of falling.
Your song be sung beyond the critic’s ear.
May you be generous in friendship.
Familiar with forgiveness.
A stranger to anger when it’s near.

May an almost-empty bottle be half-full to you.
The darkest night a launch-pad for the dawn.
May your heart be always tender in its tendency to trust.
Your tongue be fluent in the languages of love.
May your ears be waxed against words that would wound you.
Your blood immune to poison when darts fly.
May you know your maker’s mercy
and catch the kindness of your king.
In the care of your creator.
May you thrive.