Bethanie is an engine room for transformation that is Personal, Relational, Cultural, Social and Global. From this hub we have seen hundreds of people released into a deeper engagement with God and with their culture: people who are now pursuing kingdom goals in France, the UK, Italy, Germany, Canada, the USA, New Zealand… Some are in ministry roles and some are in “jobs”, but all are seeking to bring more of the kingdom to birth in the places God has sent them to.

We have a number of events and programmes at Bethanie that empower individuals to find their place in God’s purposes, but the two tracks that offer the deepest engagement are our Boot Camp and The Seven Stories – our school of worship and mission.

Boot Camp is aimed at young adults, with a target age-range of 18-30, though it remains open to others on interview. It takes place in July of each year and has two components:

  • A teaching camp lasting 10 days at Bethanie, followed by
  • An optional 6-day missions trip.

The Seven Stories is open to all those over 18, and take place twice-yearly, in March and September. Each school involves:

  • A 14-day worship and learning experience at Bethanie,
  • Optionally extended with a placement  to make a 3, 6 or 9 month internship.

Through these and a range of other training opportunities, we are empowering believers from across the world to embrace the inner change God offers and to become, in turn, agents of change in their world.

To discuss possible internship opportunities, contact us here.

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