BOOT CAMP – training for mission

July 7th to 16th 2018 Click HERE to apply.

10 days to go deeper in experiencing God’s heart for you, and to learn through hands-on experience what it means to cross borders in mission – whether they are the boundaries of geography and language or of the limitations you have set yourself. Come to France and get caught up in how much God loves you, how much he intends for you and how incredibly fruitful your life will be when you embrace the depth of your Father’s love for all he has made.

Worship is the discovery of God’s heart for you – your heart transformed by his love.

Mission is the discovery of God’s heart for his world – your heart gripped by his dreams.

Bethanie is a place where the heart of worship and the heart of mission collide, changing your heart forever.

The bless is an immersive experience of worship, learning and practical application that will set you on track to serve God with all you are. Through twenty years of helping individuals to “live for others” we have discovered a simple, unchanging truth: it is only when we know that we are loved by God that we are truly free to love others. The journey into mission is fuelled by the journey into your heart. Bethanie, our base in Normandy is a place of encounter where both these journeys take place.

The emergence of a new bless community in Caen – made up of around 80 Sudanese refugees – has changed our thinking on what this mission will look like. We will spend time in worship and teaching – we want to engage fully in understanding how God sees us – but we will also take time to be with our friends in Caen and to bless them in whatever ways we can. This is a unique opportunity not only to ‘let God love you’ but at the same time to let him love others through you.

At the core of the adventure is the reality of who God is. Study can teach you about the trinity, but only through worship can you come to truly know the Father, Son and Spirit. Once you discover that they love you as much as they love each other, you will never be the same. Our goal is to help you to trust the Father, receive the Spirit and tell the story of the Son, and to see your life transformed as a result. is based at Bethanie, but we will also take time in the nearby towns of Livarot and Caen to worship, pray and serve, connecting with God’s vision for these communities. The cost of is €320 this includes 10 days food and accommodation, teaching, resources and local travel. Travel to and from Bethanie is not included in this figure. For travel tips and guidance on ways you can fund-raise this amount, get in touch. Age requirement 18+.

FOR THOSE WANTING TO STAY ON FOR AN ADDITIONAL OUTREACH EXPERIENCE, there will be teams going to CAEN and VILLEDÔMER (in the Loire Valley) for six days from July 16th to 21st. The cost of this additional phase is just €140!

Click HERE to apply.