School of Worship and Mission

A journey into the heart of God
that will change your heart forever

30 days to journey ‘deeper in and further out’.

You will dive into worship to explore the breathtaking depths of God’s love for you – and step into mission to explore his passion and plan for the world.

30 days set aside, in a place of beauty, to absorb great teaching, to lean into the rescue that is in the Father’s heart, to discover his passion for your future, to grow in boldness and courage, and to learn what it is to live in the full current of his blessing.

30 days that will empower you to connect more deeply with your God-given inheritance and to search out the treasures that come from intimacy with the Father, Son and Spirit.

30 days to embrace the value God places on you, and the value he asks you to place on others.

You see coal: God sees diamonds!

God sees diamonds is a learning experience like no other. Based at Bethanie, in Normandy, France this 4 week school of worship and mission will enable you to encounter God, to explore his mission in the world, to identify and develop your gifts and to get on track with your calling and purpose. If worship is the discovery of God’s heart for you and mission is the discovery of God’s heart for the world, God sees diamonds is where the heart of worship and the heart of mission collide. If you’re tired of being forced to choose between experience and action, between receiving good news and being good news, then God sees diamonds is for you.

God sees diamonds is:

LEARNING – Built on “The 7 Stories That Shape Your Life” our curriculum will increase your understanding  of God’s mission and will empower you to find your place within it.

MISSION – We are a missional movement seeking to connect with the purposes of God for mainland Europe. Your learning will be forged in the contemporary practise of mission. 

WORSHIP – This is above all a journey of the heart: our reflections on mission and our practise of mission are both embedded in a  deep and passionate exploration of worship.

COMMUNITY – During your time with us you will be part of the Bless family, living in community at Bethanie, sharing life and meals together and joining our rhythm of work, rest and prayer.

CHURCH – You will also be part of Bless Church, a bilingual, ecumenical and missional church meeting in three locations.

God sees diamonds costs €980 (Euros). This amount includes food, accommodation in shared rooms, all tuition and resources, insurance, local mission costs and a contribution to Bless core funding. Travel to and from Bethanie is not included in this figure.

For those who want to stay on longer in France to deepen their experience, we will arrange Local church placements of 10 weeks or more in Caen, Livarot, Villedômer (Loire Valley) and elsewhere. Our placements are in missional church-plants. For language students, they offer excellent opportunities for language practice and development. For Gap Year students, extended placements of  3, 6 or 9 months can also be arranged. Placements include a personal study-programme, overseen through online contact and a final weekend de-brief back at Bethanie.

Placement costs vary according to  location, but as a guide you will need to raise approximately €100 per week.

God sees diamonds runs twice a year, in September and March. Our 2017 / 2018 dates are:

Monday September 11th to Friday October 6th 2017

Saturday March 3rd to Friday March 30th 2018

The God sees diamonds school is also perfect for those who already have a placement or internship set up, in their home church or further afield, in which case you would attend for just the 4 week school.

Applicants from the USA and CANADA and others who are not European passport-holders can apply for just the school, or the school plus a 9-week placement: bringing their total time in Europe within the 90-day visa-free limit.

We are running the God sees diamonds school so you can be empowered to encounter and embrace the love of the Trinity in such a way that you discover that the Father, Son and Spirit love you as deeply as they love each other. We want you:

    • To come to know and deeply experience the immense love the father has for you. We curate a space where you can fully engage with the fact that your maker calls you ‘beloved’.
    • To learn to receive and operate in the fulness of God’s Spirit, so that all you do, whether in daily life or in some special time of mission, is Spirit-led, Spirit-empowered and Sprit-soaked.
    • To discover more fully the story of the incarnation and learn to tell your own life-story in its light, so that not only your words but your very life reflects the unique story of Jesus.