LOVE EUROPE – prayer weekend

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From the very earliest days of Bless, it has always been a big part of our ministry to pray for the continent of Europe. Over the years we have organised prayer activities in the UK, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Croatia, Bosnia, Spain, the Czech Republic and Germany, praying in each place the simple words ‘Your Kingdom Come…’ Since taking on Bethanie in 2009, we have developed our prayer room as a significant ‘engine-room’ for ministry near and far. We pray corporately several times a week here, and it is thrilling to be able to invite others to join that rhythm of prayer – whether they are with us for a few hours or a few weeks.

Working with the amazing Lyndall Bywater from 24/7, we have developed a biannual prayer gathering to underpin the ministry of Bless and pray together for our continent. Lyndall writes:

  • These weekends are about an intention to bless. Amidst the fast-changing landscape of life in Europe, these weekends are about choosing to open up a space in the diary to pray life and blessing over our continent. We choose to look past confusion and hopelessness, and to pick out the strands of the Jesus-story which are woven through the fabric of our continent. We choose to replace the soundtracks of fear and despair with songs of joy and hope.
  • These weekends are about space to atune ourselves to the Father’s heart and purposes for Europe. Our opinions count for much, but his voice counts for more. These weekends are times to still ourselves in the Father’s presence, so we can hear his words of life – for ourselves, for our own nations and for this continent.
  • These weekends are times to be together. Continent-changing prayer is best done in company. These weekends are about letting God’s Spirit draw together divine combinations – groups of people from across the continent who will forge their own unique collective prayer for Europe. As we worship together, share stories and get to know one another, we give the Spirit freedom to work in new ways, in us and in our nations.
  • These weekends are about praying for France. We meet on French soil, we enjoy its food and wine, and so we return blessing on the land and its people.

The cost of a Prayer Weekend is €140 for 2 nights or €180 for 3. This includes accommodation in shared rooms, meals and all programme and resource costs, but not travel to and from Bethanie.

The next weekend of the new season is booked for February 15th to 17th 2019 (18h00 Friday to 15h00 Sunday, extra night optional). Future dates are:

15-17 Nov 2019
14-16 Feb 2020
13-15 Nov 2020
19-21 Feb 2021
19-21 Nov 2021

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