Bless is a Missional Movement with a vision to empower believers across Europe to trust the Father, receive the Spirit and tell the story of the Son. We pursue this vision through three strands of activity: church-planting, training opportunities and published resources.


We have a number of missional opportunities for service based in France. We are urgently seeking to fill the following two roles – which could be jointly filled by a married couple:

Bethanie Host(s)

Bethanie Site Manager

We are also looking for team members in the areas of Worship, Refugee Ministry and Student Programmes:

Bless Worship Co-ordinator

Refugee Ministry Co-ordinator (SOS Chai)

Student Support WORKER

To talk to us about any of the above vacancies, or about other potential ministry opportunities in France, the UK (Stafford area) and the Netherlands (Amsterdam region), contact us on, or complete the contact form below. We are a growing movement of passionate, creative people who believe God has new things in mind for the continent of Europe.

All our team roles are self-funded or bi-vocational. This means that you will be dependant on a combination of tent-making activities and personal support raising. We know from experience that this is not an easy road – but we also know that it is a hugely rewarding choice. We are a RECEIVING agency, working in partnership with a number of missions organisations. To fill one of these roles, you will need your CHURCH, NETWORK or MISSIONS organisation to support you as your SENDING agency.

If you’re looking for a stable career-move with share options and a guaranteed income, this is not for you! If you are one of the many who are hungry for more of God and ambitious for kingdom adventures, we should talk…