God Sees Diamonds

Is this a poem? A creed? A philosophy of ministry? For Bless it is all three. God Sees Diamonds is the “Here I Stand” of our movement.

We believe that the heart of Christian mission is transformation, and that transformation is a two-stroke engine. It comes through seeing myself as God sees me and seeing others in the same way. As I learn my intrinsic, God-given value and enter into my identity as the beloved of my maker, so I am challenged to see in others the same God-invested worth.

This is the key not only to personal growth but to global change. To seek inner renewal without a global vision is self-defeating, but to seek global change without inner transformation is futile. This is and always has been the heart of the Christian story. The God who brings peace to my divided self is bringing shalom to a troubled world. The God who calls for worldwide social justice calls, too, for the healing of my heart.

The Bless Network exists to restore to Christian mission in Europe this vital twin emphasis. Our mission statement commits us to “Transforming the lives of people in Europe by empowering Christians, through prayer, creativity and strategic partnership, to live for the service of others.” Changed people change people, and the people they change change the world.

The hub of this missional movement is Bethanie , a Centre for Transformational Mission just a few miles inland from the Normandy landing beaches. Based on a former cider farm, Bethanie is a resource for the churches of Europe, bringing transformation through three core activities:




In all three areas the goal is the same: personal change that leads towards global transformation.