The primary legal entity responsible for the work of the Bless network is its UK-registered charity. This organisation is operated by a group of  Trustees based in the UK and France, and is the legal owner of Bethanie.

Our work in France, including both the management of Bethanie and the planting of churches, is facilitated through a French-registered association, L’association vivre Pour Les Autres (Live for Others).

The engagement of believers from the Netherlands is mediated through a charity registered in that country – Stichting Bless Holland.

In addition, our church-plants are developed in partnership with the UK-based network Christian Growth International (CGI). Our work on the Presqu’île of Caen is also in partnership with International Teams USA (iTeams), and we have team members seconded from Greater Europe Mission (GEM).

In order to ensure unity of vision and strategy, the directors of The Bless Network (UK), Association Vivre Pour Les Autres (FR) and Stichting Bless Holland (NL) meet twice-yearly as a combined Advisory Board.

As directors of Bless Gerard and chrissie Kelly give oversight to all three areas of our work, and lead a diverse team of volunteers in France, the UK, the Netherlands and further afield. See right to meet our Directors and Team.