who we are

Bless is a missional movement with a vision to empower believers across Europe to trust the Father, receive the Spirit and tell the story of the Son. Our work began in the UK in 2003 as a new initiative enabling young adults to understand and experience mission on the mainland of Europe. We moved our base to France in 2009 to develop a centre for training and prayer as the hub of our activities, and extended our programmes to include participants from multiple nations. ‘Bethanie’, near Caen in Normandy, is a place of encounter and a sending base for mission. We welcome guests to Bethanie from across the world, and from Bethanie we are church-planting in three locations in France and empowering believers through prayer, teaching and a deep journey of worship to find their own connection with God’s mission wherever he has placed them.

Europe is a melting-pot of cultures and histories. Deeply marked over 50 generations by the Christian narrative, it is today struggling to make sense of its own story. For the new generations especially, the place of faith in everyday life is far from clear. Our task is to tell and re-tell the story of Jesus so that this same narrative, transforming in impact and universal in application, can hold its place in the Europe of tomorrow. We pursue this vision through three specific strands of activity…


– Churches

– Resources