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A Heart for Transformation

The Bless Network is a Christian missional movement working for the transformation of Europe. We enable believers to discover and develop the powerful connection between the inner, personal transformation of a surrendered heart and the wider, outer transformation of our world.…


As the primary expression of our work in France, bless churches are  international, ecumenical and missional. Bilingual groups are currently active in Livarot, Caen and Villedômer, Tours. Our goal is to initiate and resource church gatherings that lead people to…


Bethanie is an engine room for transformation that is Personal, Relational, Cultural, Social and Global. From this hub we have seen hundreds of people released into a deeper engagement with God and with their culture: people who are now pursuing…


We recognise that not all those who want to be a part of the bless journey are able to participate in gathered events at Bethanie. We are therefore working through both print and online media, to bring transformational resources to…


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