Summer Boot Camp

July 2016, check back in April for details and prices

Summer mission trips have been part of the bless movement since its very beginning. For the past five years they have featured a life-changing training camp at Bethanie. As part of our new School of Worship and Mission, we will be expanding this training in 2016 to offer a week-long Mission Boot-Camp. A range of subsequent outreach opportunities will be available to those wanting to immediately put into practise all they have learned. Check back in April 2016 for full details.

“Being on Bless mission trip, showing people a glimmer of light from God, completely transforms you as a person”

Details of the new Bless ‘Summer Boot Camp‘ will be released at the end of March 2017.

The Boot Camp will be built on a week-long training camp at Bethanie followed by a range of (optional) outreach opportunities.

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